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[Culture] How Much Do You Know About Being Vegan?

No. 156 / Mar 7, 2022

A common misconception among people is that vegetarianism prohibits meat consumption and promotes only plant consumption. The International Vegetarian Union (IVU) defines vegetarians as people who do not eat land animals, freshwater fish or seafood. However, milk or eggs may be consumed according to individual preference. In other words, vegetarians are divided into eight types, depending on what they eat and what they exclude from their diet. Among them, vegans are those who refuse to consume any animal products. They reject all food obtained from animals, including milk, eggs, honey, meat, and seafood and eat only plant-based foods. Veganism, which was previously a little publicized trend, is now being applied to various food categories and made into products. Sustainability has become an important keyword in life and consumption habits since the COVID-19 pandemic. To promote sustainability and environmental protection, vegan products that do not involve experiments on animals or include animal ingredients are being released. Prior to buying a product, vegans pay attention to the meaning and manufacturing process involved in its creation.

Vegan bakery

Vegan Bakery makes bread without using any animal ingredients, such as eggs, milk, or butter. Healthy fresh snacks and desserts made with only plant-based ingredients are also provided. Specifically, bakeries with a variety of products that target vegans, e.g., vegan starters, delicious accompaniments for vegan health when eaten with salads, and vegan kids packs that can be enjoyed by young members, are also being released. Even vegan bakeries for vegans who do not eat eggs are emerging which allows them to enjoy baked products without worrying or doubting the ingredients. Currently, Vegan Bakery items are popular in franchise stores beyond their own private business, and various types of bakeries are being released. Vegan cosmetics

Vegan cosmetics use high-quality plant-based ingredients to make products and do not use any animal ingredients. Instead of conducting experiments on animals, the most effective product for the skin is made by combining plant-based ingredients with carefully-selected, safe artificial ingredients. The manufacturing process as well as the biodegradable process after the product is used are considered to devise a way for people and nature to be healthier and more sustainable. The practice of future generations using recyclable materials and materials made through sustainable forest management is carefully considered and supported.

Vegan fashion

For ethical consumers who participate in vegan consumption, many celebrities promote vegan fashion by not using animal leather increasing its cost-effectiveness and emphasizing style and utilization. Specifically, as awareness of animal protection increases, the beauty of promoting vegan fashion for ethical consumption is surpassing the traditional beauty of animal leather.

In sum, the vegan craze is exploding due to an increasing awareness of the value of consumption that considers the ethical values of everything from vegan bakeries to vegan cosmetics to vegan leather. Veganism is now becoming a culture that extends beyond just a trend.


By Joo Eun-jin, AG Reporter

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