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[Feature: Children] Fantastic, Dreamy Place for Children

No.158 / Jun 13, 2022

“Which place should we go?” Recently, the demand for travel and amusement parks has increased rapidly due to the lifting of social distancing. Starting with Children’s Day in May this year, crowds began to flock to amusement parks and theme parks to make good memories with good people. Let us find out what kind of theme parks for children are in Korea.

Imsil Cheese Theme Park

It is in Imsil-gun, Jeollabuk-do. This place is the only experiential tourist destination in Korea with more than 50 years of tradition with a cheese theme. There are various experiences such as cheese dishes, naturally fermented bread and you can make special memories at trick art zones, and photo zones. Additionally, festivals are held every four seasons, and children can learn about the cheese-making process and the history of cheese, such as the cheese maturation room and history and culture centers. This theme park is popular with children and has been loved for a long time.

Lotte World

Lotte World is the largest theme park where people can enjoy everything in one place. Lotte World increases convenience and satisfaction by providing not only rides but also character exhibitions, and various performances. Currently, it is also located in Busan, and unlike Seoul, there is no indoor space, and most of the facilities are in outdoor spaces. It operates from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day, and if you register a free pass on the application, you can obtain three magic passes per sheet that can ride the rides comfortably with a short waiting time. How about making unforgettable memories in a land of adventure and mystery?

Korean Folk Village

It is in Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do: the only traditional cultural theme park in Korea where the wisdom of our ancestors can be experienced. It was built in 1974 and is reproducing the living culture through thorough investigation and consultation. Efforts are being made to share the value of forgotten traditional cultural heritage through hands-on exhibitions and life crafts that inherit traditional methods. Children can experience the past and present of traditional culture preserved by the Korean Folk Village and meet new values for the future.

Lego Land

It is in Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, opened on Children’s Day on May 5. Colorful Lego themes, various rides attract children. Four Lego-themed accommodations, a famous Korean city made of Lego, and thrilling rides are waiting for you. People will also be able to remember a wonderful day by seeing various kinds of toys, souvenirs, and making figures that look just like themselves. Children can enjoy the beautiful facilities and programs that Lego Land has prepared for kids.

As our daily life is back to normal gradually, the time has come to relieve the stress of not having been able to travel and play freely due to COVID-19 for about three years. Now that summer is approaching, why do not you experience the unique atmosphere of the theme park?


By Kim Da-hye, AG Cub Reporter

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