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[Issue] Large Retailers with Poor Food Safety

No. 155 / Dec 6, 2021

The pleasure of eating is an important aspect of good quality of life. However, food safety issues that are the subject of numerous recent media reports have roused public outrage. A video clip of the Dunkin Donuts plant in Anyang, released by a whistle-blower, shows oil stains and droplets on the ventilation system of the manufacturing facility. In addition, a yellow liquid, presumed to be oil droplets, dripped into the flour dough under the ventilation system, and black substances that appeared to be mold were found inside the frying machine. According to the video provider, the internal standard is to wash the fryer once a week, but the intermediate manager ordered them to only replace the oil.

Another food scandal has dominated headlines in Korea. Jinsung Food, a supplier of large domestic distributors and famous franchise restaurants, is accused of making sundae (pork intestines stuffed with a seasoned mixture of glutinous rice, glass noodles, and vegetables) at unsanitary manufacturing facilities. A broadcasting company released internal images of the factory filmed by former employees. According to the video, there were bugs on the bottom of a large steamer steaming sundae, and water was falling from the ceiling into the seasoned glass noodles going into the sundae. However, the company had received Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety management certification without any problems. In the wake of the controversy, Jinsung Food replied to the broadcasts by posting a statement on its website, “The contents of the broadcast were malicious due to the unsavory resignation of a former employee.” Nevertheless, the controversy has not subsided, and the sales of sundae products that caused hygiene problems were suspended.

With several recent food scandals, matters have got even worse for conscientious self-employed people already suffering from prolonged COVID-19. The report and the resulting confrontation between the labor union and the company are causing enormous damage to innocent franchise owners. Their greatest concern is that it takes a long time for food brands to recover their damaged image, and that self-employed people will bear the brunt. Regardless of whether it is true or not, controversy over food itself places them at great risk.

There is no question that food plays a major role in life. Since food-related diseases can cause serious or fatal problems, it is important to thoroughly practice safe cooking to reduce the risk of illness from contaminated food. Eating is something that people often take for granted until they face a situation where they cannot eat freely. These food scandals may threaten safe consumption and can thereby harm human health if companies are negligent. Companies should thus pay more attention and take a proactive approach, rather than just trying to hush up controversy. Plenty of measures are thus needed to prevent food contamination at all stages of the food chain.


By Kim Si-eun, AG Reporter

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