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[Issue] Learn Korean Anytime, Anywhere in Metaverse King Sejong!

No.162 / Mar 6, 2023

Attention, Korean language learners and enthusiasts! The King Sejong Institute (KSI), a well-known Korean language education brand established in 2007, has launched a new metaverse version to make learning the language more accessible than ever before. The new platform, called Metaverse KSI, is an initiative of KSI in response to the growing number of Korean language learners worldwide. KSI initially offered only in-person regular classes, cultural classes, and scholarships in its 234 branches across 82 countries. With an increasing demand for language learning around the world, KSI decided to launch Metaverse KSI using ZEP platform to allow relatively smooth access from places even with poor network infrastructure. After a successful trial run in November and December 2022, during which an average of 480 people from 123 countries connected daily to communicate in Korean, Metaverse KSI has been officially launched in February 2023. This virtual space is divided into two main sections: the campus and the village section. The Ajou Globe (The AG) will take a closer look at how to use Metaverse KSI and explore its unique features.

Campus section

In the campus section, learners will have access to a variety of opportunities to engage with Korean language and culture. For those interested in language acquisition, Korean language classes are available in a spacious virtual lecture hall. Among the language classes offered, the Metaverse Korean Speaking Class stands out as a particularly intensive option. This class is based on the Sejong Korean Conversation syllabus, which is a fundamental textbook used in local KSI and provides learners with a focused opportunity to practice their speaking skills.

Village section

The village section is designed to offer users a fully immersive experience where they can engage in Korean language activities while also exploring famous landmarks in Seoul. Learners can journey to iconic destinations such as the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), Han River Park, Seoul Station, and Gwangjang Market, and discover the cultural and historical significance of these sites. Within the village area, users can also enjoy additional features such as the Korean folk experience village and amusement parks, as well as the Korean Life 360° Virtual Reality (VR) videos. To keep the experience fresh and exciting, KSI plans to add new features every month.

Metaverse KSI has the potential to foster greater exchanges between countries and promote public diplomacy. It allows students from different parts of the world to connect and communicate without the limitations of distance, creating a sense of being in the same room together. Hopefully, this virtual space will bring people closer, promote cultural exchange, and allow Korean learners to move a step closer to Korea. The QR code above gives you access to the Metaverse KSI. Why not give it a try and learn Korean today?


By Kim Ji-yeon, AG Reporter

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