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[Life Style] Miracle Day Starts with a Miracle Morning

No. 152 / Jun 7, 2021

An increasing number of people are experiencing the Corona Blue due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, which has limited participation in outdoor activities and the sense of accomplishment they can provide. A ‘miraculous’ trend has emerged to fill this gap. Miracle Morning refers to the process of creating small, trivial habits morning habits that allow one to achieving a sense of accomplishment by exercising a routine. The logic is that one can then create a miraculous day and a miraculous life based on that sense of accomplishment.

The concept of Miracle Morning first appeared in a book Miracle Morning written by Hal Elrod. Upon its publication, Miracle Morning became a No. 1 bestseller on Amazon. It was met with equal love in Korea, where it was ranked the No. 1 self-improvement book in 2016. The text details Elrod’s implementation of the Miracle Morning Challenge while he partakes in it. In January 2021, the book set a sales record of more than 300% growth from the year before, and garnered much attention on Social Network Services (SNS) such as Instagram through hashtags including: #MiracleMorning, #HabitMorphosis, #Self-careBom, and #RoutineRecovery.

The Miracle Morning Challenge helps people make self-improvement strides by opening a window of undisturbed time for themselves at the break of day. The text also has great significance for the process of reflecting on oneself instead of social success. One does not start the challenge by waking up and doing something grand. Instead, one can begin the day by organizing their bedding, reading books of interest, or exercising.

Notably, however, it may not be wise to start the challenge suddenly in an effort to keep up with this trend. Indeed, some people who usually go to bed extremely late and began waking up around dawn to participate in the challenge experienced disruption in their daily lives. To wake up early and participate, one must give their body an adjustment period to adapt to the morning weather. This means adjusting one’s bedtime little by little and gradually getting into the habit of rising early and making good use of your morning time. For those who have a hard time making time for themselves in the morning, experts say that it can also be helpful to use a different time in the day for this purpose.

Clearly, it can be greatly beneficial to start the day using the Miracle Morning Challenge for self-management and introspection. However, the abrupt shift to a new daily routine can create results that are not in alignment with the purpose of the challenge. Thus, it is important to plan a miracle day and a miracle life by choosing a miracle time that works for you, during which you are free to focus only on yourself. The Ajou Globe (The AG) supports everyone in their effort to practice self-care.


By Kim Jeong-jin, AG Reporter

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