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  • Kang Zee-woo

[Music] FIFTY FIFTY, What Happened with This Group?

No.165 / Sep 4, 2023

Have you heard of the girl group FIFTY FIFTY? This group started from a Small and Medium-sized Agency (SMA), and their debut album “Cupid” became viral through overseas TikTok. As a result, they performed amazingly, ranking 17th on Billboard and 8th on the United Kingdom (UK) Singles Chart, and as if to prove this achievement, they were also in charge of the OST for “Barbie”. However, now, this incredible group is falling apart with a sharp turn.

This situation is the beginning of the girl group’s downfall. First of all, FIFTY FIFTY’s agency is ATTRAKT with Jeon Hong-jun, and in order to foster FIFTY FIFTY, ATTRAKT has entrusted the outsourcing service called The Givers with Ahn Sung-il. In the process, The Givers and outside forces are trying to move FIFTY FIFTY’s agency, and they will submit evidence of the contract violation of outsourcing services. This group will file an injunction to nullify the exclusive contract, saying that the claim is ridiculous and that the trust with the agency has been broken. As a result, ATTRAKT will submit circumstantial evidence that The Givers and outside forces are trying to steal FIFTY FIFTY from the agency. The Givers has already submitted a phone recording that says it will change FIFTY FIFTY’s agency from a long time ago and a phone recording that says it will buy out to Warner Music Korea. However, since The Givers and FIFTY FIFTY have not been able to present accurate evidence or the evidence that they presented was exaggerated or rather counterproductive, they changed their position that they would no longer respond. Meanwhile, SBS Channel’s Unanswerd Question has caught people’s attention by announcing the broadcast of the situation. In particular, the broadcast received a lot of attention because it also received information on the situation, but the viewers’ response was cold. The broadcast has received a lot of criticism for showing its biased stance against The Givers and FIFTY FIFTY and expressing ATTRAKT and Jeon Hong-jun as pure evil. In this situation, the Korea Entertainment Producers Association and the Korea Entertainment Management Association said, Unanswerd Question’s broadcast was very disappointing, and they strongly criticized that it was very biased with only the emotional appeal and one-sided claims of FIFTY FIFTY, and that it severely distorted the nature of the case by revealing it without grasping the exact facts.

As a result, fans were very disappointed when the past good deeds of Jeon Hong-jun, CEO of ATTRAKT agency, and whereabouts of using watches, cars, and even old mother’s savings for FIFTY FIFTY were revealed. What will happen to FIFTY FIFTY’s move from a rising K-pop star to a girl group which bites the hand that feed them and how will The Givers and FIFTY FIFTY solve this situation? Let us wait and watch.


By Kang Zee-woo, AG Reporter

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