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  • Kim Ju-young

[On Campus] Wish to Convey The AG to Tashkent: AUT Meeting

No.165 / Sep 4, 2023

Ajou University in Tashkent (AUT) was founded in 2021 through the education agreement between Ajou University and the Uzbekistan government. Civil systems Engineering, Architecture, and Electrical and Computer Engineering are the courses available in AUT. Furthermore, the Department of English Philology & Management, the Department of Korean Philology & Management, and the Department of IT Business will soon be available in AUT. This means that the number of students at AUT will increase, and AUT will need several student organizations like the student council, school club, and school press.

However, there is no Student council in AUT. Although the clubs exist, the volume, numbers, and types of clubs are few. AUT also does not have a school press. Therefore, Amanlikov Valijon, who is AUT’s head of Youth Affairs department, conducted a meeting with the head of the Student Support center team, staff which oversee the club, Student council, Student press, and The Ajou Globe (The AG) reporter, who participated in this meeting on behalf of The AG editor-in-chief. He asked a lot of questions regarding Ajou University’s student’s organization to make AUT’s student organizations better. Thanks to the translator who came from Uzbekistan, both sides could communicate without any difficulty and exchanged useful information.

The AG believes that it would take some time to establish student organizations in the AUT since there is no proper system regarding student organizations now. After the concerned organizations are formed in AUT, The AG hopes to share convey the news between AUT and The AG soon.


By Kim Ju-young, AG Reporter

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