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[On Campus] Another Ajou University, 5,396 km away

No.158 / Jun 13, 2022

Did you know of the existence of one more Ajou University? In February 2021, another Ajou University opened in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is a country in Central Asia, with its capital being Tashkent, and has developed into a center of history and culture in Central Asia due to its geographical advantage of being located at the crossroads of the Silk Road in the past. It is like Korea in that it was invaded by powers during the imperialist period.

Korea and Uzbekistan are countries that have no geographical, ethnic, or religious similarities other than the fact that they defended their independence from external powers. Then, why was “Ajou University in Tashkent (AUT)”. which is a overseas campus / franchise constructed, indicating that the domestic university provides curriculums to an overseas campus, and students receive a degree from a domestic university, 5,396 km away from Korea? Uzbekistan is the country with the highest population ranking among Central Asian countries and has a wide education market, with the future education generation, under the age of 14, accounting for 25% of the total population. The Uzbekistan government is active in implementing education policies for future generations, and as a part of such policies, it is actively investing in attracting higher education institutions. Uzbekistan is located between the Sirdaryo and Amu Darya Rivers, and is a country where agriculture was developed early. The Uzbekistan government has partnered with Ajou University with the goal of nurturing key talents who will contribute to the industrialization of Uzbekistan by receiving the curriculum, core teachers, academic management, and know-how of Ajou University, which is equipped with an excellent engineering system. To summarize, the overseas campus of Ajou University was established in Tashkent because the interests of the two countries are aligned: the wide education market and passion for engineering education. Owing to the Uzbekistan government’s full support for scholarships and the efforts of Ajou University professors and staff, AUT recruited 840 students within two years of its opening. Ajou University appointed its first vice rector for academic affairs, and the Uzbekistan government appointed the rector to jointly operate AUT. Currently, three departments are in operation: Civil Systems Engineering, Architecture, and Electrical and Computer Engineering. All classes are conducted in English and based on the curriculum of the relevant department of Ajou University. Seven teachers from Ajou University, including the first vice president, are teaching AUT students. Opportunities are given to the best AUT students to transfer to the Ajou University in Korea. Students who graduate from AUT will receive an Ajou University diploma.

The head, Project Management Office of AUT said “I hope the students will open their eyes and develop their dreams through the education received from our university. I want them to grow into confident global talents with Ajou DNA. Through them, the horizons of Ajou are expected to expand. Just as Ajou University graduates have contributed to Korea’s remarkable development, I hope AUT graduates will contribute to Uzbekistan’s industrialization.” Ajou University is expanding into the world. Let us grow with pride so that Ajou University and AUT can make a name for themselves in the world and have an impact on it.


By Kim Min-ji, AG Reporter

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