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  • Kin Da-hye

[On Campus] Eyes on the Prize: Our Students Awarded!

No.160 / Oct 17, 2022

This year, our students won honorable awards. Until now, our students have won awards in various fields such as management, economy, finance, Information Technology (IT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and have been recognized for their abilities and ideas as well as for constantly taking great leaps.

The first piece of award-related news is that students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering won the grand prize at the International Sustainable Mission with Art, Responsibility, and Technology (S.M.A.R.T) in September. Organized by the Proper Technology Association, the competition was held to find solutions and develop business models related to social issues such as a pandemic, climate change, and carbon neutrality. Students and Professor Lee Moon-gu participated as “The team with the perfect angle”. To help students with visual impairment learn mathematics, our students proposed a protractor which measured values appear in braille when a user measures an angle or length. Their ideas are expected to broaden visually impaired students’ experience of measuring and help them learn math. The second piece of award-related news is that a student team from the Department of E-business won the best prize in a contest organized by KB Kookmin Card in August. This contest was held to gather ideas about how to utilize KB Kookmin Card’s simple payment platform KB Pay, proposing new services and improving functions services. The student team of the Department of E-business (KB benefit) proposed the idea of activating KB Pay using game elements that individual user can customize their own character. Their idea was highly evaluated for combining a customized benefits strategy based on consumption patterns with characters.

Our students have created their own stories all the time, and they move forward again to make their new stories. The Ajou Globe (The AG) hopes you can also step up your path to a higher place and a bigger world.


By Kim Da-hye, AG Reporter

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