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  • Kim Ju-young

[On Campus] Multiple Degrees in Uzbekistan

No.163 / Apr 17, 2023

Ajou University in Tashkent (AUT) was founded through Uzbekistan’s educational cooperation in 2021. Uzbekistan provided AUT with the building and hardware, whereas Ajou University provided the education system and tips. Three majors: Civil Systems Engineering, Architecture & Electrical and Computer Engineering are offered. The university reached another agreement on educational cooperation with Uzbekistan regarding multiple degrees in June 2022.

The name of multiple degrees is MBA- IT Business degrees. This course’s ultimate purpose is to train experts in the IT Business field. Uzbekistan’s Graduate School of Business and Entrepreneurship (GSBE) selected 40 students to attend this program, only open to Uzbekistan students. After completing their second courses in Uzbekistan and remaining courses in Korea, they can receive “MBA-IT Business degrees”. Among many international centers at Ajou University, Ajou Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) oversees this program.

As a result, Ajou University has successfully completed educational cooperation with Uzbekistan. The dean of GSBE stated, “Connection between Uzbekistan and Korea is more improved in education.” Additionally, Ajou University’s president Choi Ki-joo remarked, “This project’s purpose is to improve Uzbekistan’s partnership and derive educational cooperation. Ajou University will try to make experts through this excellent education program.” The Ajou Globe (The AG) wishes that our university builds educational cooperation with other countries in the future.


By Kim Ju-young, AG Cub Reporter

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