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[On Campus] Passing the Teacher Certification Examination

Apr 18, 2022 / No. 157

In January 2022, 46 students from Ajou University passed the 2022 teacher certification examination. This is the highest number of successful applicants from Ajou University so far. Successful applicants came from the Department of English Language and Literature (2) and College of Nursing (3) from the undergraduate course, and Counseling Psychology (34), Software Education (3), English Education (2), History Education (1), and Mathematics Education (1) from the Graduate School of Education.

For taking the teacher certification examination, students should enter a department which has a teacher training course. If students did not take this course but completed a major in the Graduate School of Education as a major or double major in the undergraduate course, they can later go to the Graduate School of Education and complete the teacher training course. Then, if students obtain a certificate of level 2 or higher for a licensed teacher and level 3 or higher for the Test of Proficiency in Korean, they will be eligible to take the examination. Currently, the departments of Ajou University which have the teacher training course are the Department of English Language and Literature, the Department of French Language and Literature, and College of Nursing.

The reason that there were many successful applicants in Ajou University is because of the support from the Graduate School of Education and the departments which have the teacher training course. Ajou University Graduate School of Education was already selected as an excellent graduate school by Korean Educational Development Institute in 2020 and has been producing results by continuing to provide a systematic curriculum. As such, let us continue to observe the development of Ajou University’s teacher training system and the Graduate School of Education, which will continue to foster successful applicants.


By Lee Ga-eun, AG Reporter

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