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[On Campus] Resumption of the Maskless Life

No.158 / Jun 13, 2022

Kim Yoo-na (1st grade, the Department of English Language and Literature)

Q. Is there any special reason why you wear a mask outside?

A. I have not caught COVID-19 yet. Since I have never been infected before, the thought that I might get corona virus while walking around without a mask makes me scared. Most professors and students wear masks in our school. If I walk around the campus without a mask, I’m worried about what others will think about me.

Q. Why do you think most people still wear masks outdoors?

A. I think the biggest reason is crowd psychology. Everyone has a strong desire to make themselves look normal by imitating the behaviors of the people around them. Moreover, it is even rarer to see students without masks near Ajou University because the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 is still steadily on the rise in Suwon.

Park Dong-jun (1st grade, the Department of English Language and Literature)

Q. Please explain the reason you take off your mask outside.

A. Everyone will agree that the biggest disadvantage of wearing a mask is that it makes us feel stuffy. Wearing a mask for a long time causes headaches, makes it difficult to breathe, and causes skin trouble due to heat and moisture.

Q. Do you think the rule that mandates wearing indoor masks should be lifted as soon as possible?

A. I think it’s still too early to relax internal regulations. It can increase the risk of COVID-19 infection, and if the situation becomes serious, regulations on wearing external masks may be strengthened again.


By Yang Ha-yoon, AG Cub Reporter

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