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[On Campus] Student Participation Contests in Ajou University

No.158 / Jun 13, 2022

There are often contests Ajou University students participate in for school or large-scale events. What are the recent contests students participated in?

There was a contest for the alumni association of Ajou University. Ajou University alumni association public information hall is a space that displays and promotes individuals or companies of the university’s alumni association and graduates. This space is located on the first floor of Ajou University Campus Plaza. The theme of the contest was the name of a familiar public relations centre and contained contents related to Ajou. The name of the Ajou University Alumni Association Public Relations Office, which consists of student participation, is Ajurang. Also, the university released a new slogan for its 50th anniversary. The slogan commemorates the past 50 years and aims to capture the vision for the next 50 years. All members of Ajou University were eligible to apply; graduate students, graduates, and faculty members could be recruited even if they were not undergraduate students. This is expected to accept not only current members of Ajou University, but also the opinions of past members. The award will consist of three categories: the grand Prize, most excellent Prize, and excellence Prize. The winning works will be used in upcoming exhibitions, promotions and campaigns. Additionally, the class participation case contest is also held periodically, although it is not a name contest. This means that participation in classes and networking between professors and students are important.

Ajou University is focusing not only on academic aspects, but also on educational aspects. In particular, making the main name of the school from the opinions of students and faculty members means that they will support the voices of their alumni. Therefore, The Ajou Globe (The AG) hopes that everyone is interested in the student participation contest and actively participates.


By Joo Eun-jin, AG Reporter

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