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  • Kang Zee-woo

[On Campus] The Fate of Chi-to’s Name, What Will be?

No.163 / Apr 17, 2023

An Admission office of Ajou University has Chi-to as their mascot. Chi-to was created with the motif of a torch, a symbol of the University. Its name is an inverted “torch”, and its appearance is also a characterization of a “torch”.

Chi-to was created by a student named Kim Pu-reum from the Department of Culture and Contents in December 2019. Kim explained that Chi-to was originally submitted for an on-campus competition but was not selected. Instead, she posted it on the community application called “everytime”. Since then, Chi-to become a beloved figure among students. Recently there was a discussion when Chi-to was not included in the first mascot preference survey, which was conducted from February 23 to March 3, and featured four new mascot designs. There were a lot of negative comments by students regarding this move, including, “Why should we use another mascot instead of Chi-to?”, “It doesn’t make sense to unilaterally change them without communicating with students.”, “New mascots seem to have nothing to do with Ajou University.”, and “Chi-to is better than the new four mascots in every way.” The student council We:A actively accepted these students’ complaints and opinions. Consequently, a new mascot preference survey was conducted about two candidates, including Chi-to and the new mascot on March 23 to 27. Finally, Chi-to is selected as the new mascot of Ajou University!

Ajou University’s new mascot, Chi-to, was recently unveiled, but the name for the mascot is still undetermined. To select a fitting name, We:A is conducting a survey from April 13 to 17, allowing students and faculty to participate in the process. What will be its new name? Let us look forward to what its new name will be!


By Kang Zee-woo, AG Cub Reporter

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