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[On Campus] Ajou University Hosted the “2023 SW Career Fair”

No.166 / Oct 16, 2023

In the second half of the recruitment season, Center for Excellence in Software of Ajou University hosted “2023 SW Career Fair” at Ajou University Gymnasium on September 14.

Various Ajou University-affiliated institutes and two nearby universities’ SW-centered university project centers, Gyeonggi University’s SHIP (a compound word of Self-motivated, Hyper-converged, Improving, and Practical), and Kyung Hee University’s SWAN (a compound word of Software Assisted New-Start), actively cooperated to make the event successful.

A SW-centered university project, in which Ajou University is participating too, is a government-funded project hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT). Approximately 120 Human Resource (HR) directors from 42 companies took part in this event, as well as 582 students from various schools, including Ajou University, Gachon University, Kyung Hee University, and Hanyang University, etc. Participating companies, including SOCAR, LG Electronics, CJ Olive Networks, LOTTE DATA COMMUNICATION COMPANY, Mad Up, HL Klemove, and Dongwon Group, etc. provided information such as recruitment schedules and job application qualifications through corporate booths and conducted recruitment consultations. The person in charge of Gyeonggido Job Foundation (GJF) and Suwon Korea Employment Information Service got involved to promote student employment support system. In addition, various events were organized, including personal color diagnosis, hair and makeup styling, free food trucks, and product events.

Although named the “2023 SW Career Fair”, it included representatives from other fields like semiconductors, automobiles, nuclear power, and digital marketing, etc. These events will continue to be held as it provide great opportunities for excellent students to select leading companies. If students preparing for work in areas besides the SW field hesitated due to the name of the fair, it would be beneficial to consider attending future events.


By Kim Min-ji, AG Senior Editor

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