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[On Campus] APO’s Ajou 50th Anniversary Concert

No.166 / Oct 16, 2023

On September 8, Ajou Pops Orchestra (APO) held a concert to celebrate Ajou university’s 50th anniversary. An emeritus professor in the Department of Public Administration conducted the concert of famous music, like movie Original Sound Tracks(OST) such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Howl’s Moving Castle. APO is renowned for its high-quality concerts and has a unique tradition of graduates playing alongside current members. For this special performance, several graduates participated, practicing during summer music camps. APO’s concert master Shim Jae-min said, “I would like to thank everyone for their interest in this concert to celebrate Ajou University’s 50th anniversary.” In addition, both beginners and skilled musicians can enjoy working together, so he hopes that students will pay more attention to APO. APO holds regular performances every year, so stay tuned for their upcoming concerts.


By Kim Min-seo, AG Cub Reporter

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