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[On Campus] Our Secret Spots in Ajou

No.166 / Oct 16, 2023

The second semester has begun. Where do Ajou University students spend their time during break, free time before class or an appointment, or early in the morning during exam periods? The Ajou Globe (The AG) interviewed students to tell us their own hideouts at school. Let us dive into students’ school lives!

In the interview, the reporter asked each student three questions:

Q1. Please tell us one of your own hideouts or favorite spaces!

Q2. What do you do there?

Q3. What is the main reason you like that space?

Kang Seo-yeong (4th grade, the Department of English Language and Literature)

A1. Lounge of Ilsin Hall

A2. I rest between classes. I have team discussions there, too. During COVID-19, most classes were held online, and I usually took lectures.

A3. It’s quiet and clean. It is less likely to encounter someone I know. In addition, there is a convenience store, and it’s close to the Dasan Business Administration Hall — It’s easy to move to my classroom!

Ahn Ji-min (4th grade, the Department of Korean Language and Literature)

A1. Reading room of Dasan Business administration Hall (Daramsil)

A2. I live in a dormitory, but I usually use Daramsil because my dormitory is too far away. Usually, I drink coffee, check the Blackboard site on my laptop, do my assignments, or just check my KakaoTalk.

A3. It’s close to my classroom. It’s quiet, and I can reserve my seat. I think the greatest advantage is that I can relax comfortably.

Jeong Hyun-woo (2nd grade, the Department of Digital Media)

A1. Community Lounge on the 2nd floor of the Central Library

A2. I study during the exam period. Also, when I have a long gap between classes, I try to sit and rest for a while as I listen to the calm music from the lounge. When I’m tired, I can even take a nap in the sofa seat.

A3. Unlike other places, it also has a cafe-like atmosphere. In addition, there are a variety of seat choices. At first, I only hoped for sofa seats, but I have also tried the swing seats, seats near the window, and booths. They all felt different!

Lee Beom-ki (4th grade, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering)

A1. Woncheon Haedong Hall

A2. I study.

A3. The 3rd floor has several rooms that can only be reserved by groups of three or more, but sometimes one is open. Then, you can get the lucky break of studying there by yourself with the air conditioner on. Of course, you should only do this when it’s not full. The 2nd floor is an open space, no reservation required. It’s quiet and ideal for studying. Seems like only the electrical and mechanical department students really know about it.

Kim Kyung-eun (1st grade, the Department of Mechanical Engineering)

A1. The terrace in front of the Student Union

A2. Since I commute to school, I do assignments between classes there. I also have my meals delivered. Now that the weather is cooler, it’s perfect to eat lunch outdoors!

A3. I get motivated by watching students working hard. I think it’s part of real campus life that I’ve thought about since high school.

Lee Ha-won (2nd grade, the Department of Psychology)

A1. Sofa in front of the bookshelves with the no.800 (Literature) books on the 3rd floor of the Central Library

A2. I read books between classes.

A3. There are many works of German romanticism that I like. While I read in the fluffy sofa, I can see the leaves fluttering in the wind when I look through the window right next to it. Quiet and cozy, it’s a good place to read and think deeply.

Kim Su-min (3rd grade, the Department of e-Business)

A1. The benches in front of Seongho Hall

A2. I take a walk when I want a break from studying at the Central Library. It’s fun to buy snacks at the convenience store in Seongho Hall and eat them on the bench!

A3. Enjoying nature with napping cats and free-flying magpies reduces my fatigue :)

Q. Thank you for telling us your precious hideout. Is there anything else you want in the public spaces?

A. (want shelters) “I want a sleeping room. Some universities have them, so please make it easier for school commuters to relax between classes. I’m willing to pay.”; “I want a cafe-like space where conversation and simple drinks or snacks are allowed! Although we do have some cafe-like spaces in the Central Library, they feel more like reading rooms these days.” (want elevator in the Central Library) “There is only one elevator that is only for places to read books. I hope that the elevator can connect the places to study, too. (Reporter’s additional explanation: the Central Library has a completely separate structure between places to read books and places to study. The passageway to each other is open only on the 1st floor.) I have bad knee cartilage. When the period of exams, there is no space on the whole 1st floor, I have to go up to places to study which are on the 2nd to 4th floor, but that’s very hard because I can only get there by stairs.” (etc.) “I think weekends are the best time for self-development. I hope more space will be made available on weekends.”


By Noh Hyun-jin, AG Cub Reporter

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