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[On Campus] AU50 Ajou University with High Schools

No.166 / Oct 16, 2023

On September 6, Ajou University’s Office of Admissions held the “AU 50 Ajou University with High Schools” event. It was designed to express gratitude to the high schools that sent numerous enrolled students to Ajou University in commemoration of Ajou University’s 50th anniversary. Officials from high schools and Ajou University attended. At the event, Ajou University shared information on application and enrollment. To learn more about the content, The Ajou Globe (The AG) interviewed a high school teacher who attended the event.

The teacher was motivated to confirm the potential development capabilities of Ajou University. He said that the president’s explanation of the future-oriented development was the most important part of the event. He thought that the event showed the dignity of Ajou University and had a great influence on the university choice of the participating teachers. When asked what Ajou University needs to improve at this event or what he would suggest for future entrance exam-related events, he answered that it would be good to highlight the merits of Ajou University by holding an introductory entrance examination event and short programs to explore the different departments in person. Additionally, he said, “When I came to the school for the event, I could see the students’ high level of satisfaction with the school in their smiles, and I could feel that Ajou University is aiming for globalization because there are so many foreign students.”


By Park Seo-hyeon, AG Cub Reporter

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