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[On Campus] Students Can Design Their Own Major

No.166 / Oct 16, 2023

Ajou University has introduced a Student-Designed Major this semester. This is a program in which students create their own curriculum and take classes depending on their interests. The Student-Designed Major can only be recognized as a double major or minor. If students want to compose a Student-Designed Major, their curriculum must have at least 36 credits in the case of a double major and 21 credits in the case of a minor. If there is already a curriculum that a student is interested in, they can adopt it without creating their own curriculum. Applications for the major must be submitted six months before the start of the semester it starts.

Ajou University hopes that the Student-Designed Major will not only strengthen students’ self-directed learning capabilities, but will also be effective to train versatile students by combining multiple majors at once. Students who want to apply for Student-Designed Major must complete more than 3 semesters at Ajou, and students with only one semester left cannot apply for this program. Student Kim Ju-young (4th grade, the Department of History), whose curriculum was selected, said “If you only take classes set by the school in your major, you sometimes take classes that are less interesting. Because you can take classes with a Student -Designed Major that interest you more, however, you can be highly motivated to learn and stay highly interested in your studies.” Anyone interested in a Student-Designed Major can find information about it through the QR code.


By Seo Myeong-jae, AG Reporter

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